The IT Power Plant aims to transform the way that virtualization services are provisioned and delivered to faculty, students, staff, and units across the campus. The goals are to provide an environment that is easy to provision and request virtual machines, clear and easy to understand costing, and a place to share and use images with appropriate access to management interfaces and monitoring.

Separate High-Level Requirements teams and the Solutions Development Teams existed for virtualization and backups/storage. Due to the coalescence of these services, an Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) team was formed to discuss the attributes of aggregating backups, storage and virtualization solutions into infrastructure building blocks from which other IT Power Plant services could be delivered.

Recommended Solutions

  • Enhance the Technology Services virtualization environment
  • Utilize AWS or AWS like cloud services as available and appropriate
  • Bolster the staff to support consultation efforts to migrate servers to this environment
  • Build and support a self service portal
  • Packaging – Virtualization, Veeam backups, Fast and Bulk storage

Additional Information

Visit the Virtualization Planning Team’s Sharepoint folder to read meeting notes, planning documents, and other materials.

Virtualization Planning Teams

High Level Requirements Team

Solutions Development Team