Status – Initiative build-out complete

Service Owners – Brent Tuggle and Tom Grissom

The IT Power Plant aimed to transform the way that virtualization services are provisioned and delivered to faculty, students, staff, and units across the campus. The goals were to provide an environment that is easy to provision and request virtual machines, clear and easy to understand costing, and a place to share and use images with appropriate access to management interfaces and monitoring.



Full list of services available

VM growth from 862 VMs in 2016 to 1287 VMs (just in DCL datacenter)

  • ~50% increase from 2016

AWS available

On-demand backups/snapshots in Veeam.

Integrated backups – Veeam in service



No additional virtualization clusters for redundancy

No VM self-provisioning

Investigating option to move to a Hyper-converged infrastructure and NSX (software networking).