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The IT Power Plant aspires to provide an elevated baseline of web hosting services to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, while enabling locally-supported, customized sites, features and enhancements. Web hosting should be a staple that is easily found and provisioned for our campus customers. The solutions should be easily identifiable based on use case, they should reduce time spent searching for web hosting solutions, they should allow for a reduced number of web servers across campus, and the solutions should promote usability, accessibility, and compliance.

Recommended Solutions

Self-Service Complete Site Provisioning (Level 5)

  • Phase 1
    • Web Services Information Landing Page, including decision tree to help customer choose best hosting option
    • PIE (publish.illinois.edu), with additional resources
    • Google Sites, with additional resources
    • Tech Services Wiki, with additional resources
    • Consolidated Support Team
  • Phase 2, simultaneous with Phase 1
    • Procurement and implementation of commercial, cloud-hosted web builder service

Customizable Centrally Managed Content Management (Level 4)

  • Phase 1
    • Promote the existing AITS managed SitePublish through the Web Services information landing page
  • Phase 2 (simultaneous with Phase 1)
    • Procurement and implementation of commercial, cloud-hosted Drupal and WordPress specific services

Panel Hosting (Level 3)

  • Procurement and implementation of commercial, cloud-hosted panel service

Additional Information

Visit the Web Hosting Planning Team’s Sharepoint folder to read meeting notes, planning documents, and other materials.

Web Hosting Planning Teams

High Level Requirements Team

Solutions Development Team

Implementation Team