Storage and Backups

The IT Power Plant wants to meet the storage and backup needs of faculty, students, and staff while also addressing the advanced needs of individuals and groups (researchers, business offices, etc). Providing a set of high level storage and backup services would provide opportunities for cost savings through consolidation and also provide needed services that are currently unavailable on campus.

 Five general services have initially been defined as well as two additional services that would be either built from, or be an overlay on top of, the first five:

  • Public Cloud Storage Services
  • Hybrid/Private Cloud Storage Service
  • Block Storage Service
  • Consumer Grade Backups Service
  • Enterprise Grade Backups Service
  • (overlay) Archive Service
  • (overlay) Sensitive Data Storage and Backups Solutions

Separate High-Level Requirements teams and the Solutions Development Teams existed for virtualization and backups/storage. Due to the coalescence of these services, an Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) team was formed to discuss the attributes of aggregating backups, storage and virtualization solutions into infrastructure building blocks from which other IT Power Plant services could be delivered.

Recommended Solutions

  • A suite of file storage and sharing options to meet a broad spectrum of needs
    • Public Cloud for documents and collaboration
    • High-performance private cloud for research data
    • Hybrid cloud for archival data – Deferred
    • Private cloud for bulk data – Deferred
    • Public/hybrid cloud for desktop, laptop, and small server backups

Additional Information

Visit the Storage and Backups Planning Team’s Sharepoint folder to read meeting notes, planning documents, and other materials.

Storage and Backups Planning Teams

High Level Requirements Team

IaaS Coordination Team + Sensitive Data Storage and Backups Solutions Development Team

Block Storage Service + Enterprise Grade Backups Service Solutions Development Team

Hybrid/Private Cloud Storage Service + Public Cloud Storage Services + Consumer Grade Backups Service Solutions Development Team

Archive Service Solutions Development Team