The IT Power Plant wants to create a unified printing experience for all faculty, staff, students, and community members at the Urbana campus. The goal is to reduce complexity in how you print, where you can print, what the costs for printing are, how printers are maintained, and ultimately reduce the cost of maintaining the printing environment.

This new service will ensure that students, faculty, and staff will have the ability to print from any device to any printer. This includes the ability to send a print from their device, walk to another printer somewhere else and release. Departments will see a reduction in the cost of ownership for print devices including consumables and maintenance. The initial focus for this effort is standard print formats and large scale prints. Not in scope at this point is edge-technology printing such as 3D printers, laser cutters, wood cutters, and others.

Recommended Solutions

  • Commodity printing (8.5”x11”, monochrome/color laser, simplex/ duplex) for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus
  • PaperCut and Wepa in a coordinated solution which provides students with three print queue options, that release at any participating printer or kiosk

Additional Information

Visit the Printing Planning Team’s Sharepoint folder to read meeting notes, planning documents, and other materials.

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