Endpoint Services

The IT Power Plant wants to help make it easier for IT professionals to take care of computers and devices, sometimes referred to as endpoints. The endpoint services initiative is looking at the entire endpoint life cycle from procurement to initial setup to management to redeployment to surplus. With the range of devices we use on campus, we recognize that there is unlikely to be a singular platform that can provide the full life cycle of endpoint services to our faculty, staff, and students. One of the key features of end point services is to make as many aspects self-service as well as support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) when possible. By doing this at-scale for the whole campus, we can focus resources into one group that manages multiple solutions and still allows for customization for customers and local IT.

Recommended Solutions

  • One team, multiple services, local IT customization
    • SCCM (PC and self-service)
    • Big Fix (PC/Mac) – Will maintain in its current state until all features are supported by other offerings, security is onboard, and all users are successfully migrated off this service.
    • Munki and AirWatch(Mac,mobile and self-service)
    • Security/policy support
  • Each is already in use, no procurement process needed
  • Provides self-service to end customer in every place possible
  • Supports the full lifecycle: procurement, inventory, setup, management, upgrade, transfer/disposal

Additional Information

Visit the Endpoint Services Planning Team’s Sharepoint folder to read meeting notes, planning documents, and other materials.

Endpoint Services Planning Teams

High Level Requirements Team

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