Ask Us Anything: Have peer institutions centralized at this level?

Question: Have any of our peer institutions done this level of centralization/outsourcing? Big 10/CIC schools?

Answer: No other CIC schools are currently doing this level of Help Desk support with a vendor partner. University of Maryland University College completed an RFP for a vendor supplied Help Desk on a similar level. University of Virginia moved to an outsourced Help Desk a number of years ago.

Ask Us Anything: Tier 1 Problems vs. Tier 2 Problems

Question: Can you define and give a couple examples of a tier 1 and tier 2 problem? Is the helpdesk going to be limited to only tier 1 support moving forward?

Answer: Some tier 1 problems are password resets, basic email questions, how to access campus provided software, and how to connect to campus wireless. Some tier 2 problems are help with specialized software, designing class material for learning management systems, and complex hardware support.

Ask Us Anything: Student Workers at Help Desk

Question: Will you be getting rid of your tier 1 student workers in order to become more “professional”?

Answer: We will be moving from a student run help desk to a vended solution with professional staff. It is not uncommon for these vendors to be interested in employing some number of students on campus, particularly at a school with our academic reputation. Therefore there will still be opportunities for the students to work as support staff in the future.

Ask Us Anything: Bypassing Support Steps

Question: ​It was mentioned that a person could go directly to a support person versus going through the general intake if they knew who to contact. With that in mind, how is it being ensured that a ticket is properly opened, handled, and closed? Seems like there is the potential for issues to fall through the cracks when steps like this are being bypassed. Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Bypassing Support Steps”

Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Procedures

Question: With the help desk, once the issue has been submitted, properly escalated, and closed, does it go back to the original tier 1 support to follow up with the customer or does it just end with whatever level it was closed on? Suggestion would be to send to back down to tier 1 to ensure the issue is properly resolved. Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Procedures”