Ask Us Anything: Status?

Question: It seems, at least to those of us out here, that the Power Plants have all stalled and/or stopped. Is this the case?

Answer: The IT Power Plants have not stalled. Work continues every day to deliver fundamental IT services at scale that can be leveraged by anyone on campus. Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Status?”

Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications

Question: One of my users asked me what Tech Services’ plans are for a campus/faculty staff education campaign to manage expectations of the new help desk structure? Will Tech Services be providing information about who should be helping solve problems if not the friendly local IT person who’s typically provided the service? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications”

Ask Us Anything: Where will the Tier 1 Help Desk be run and operated?

Question: Will Tier 1 support be domestically run and operated, or do we run the chance of getting into a Dell-like situation, where communication and comprehension barriers with overseas support reps are a customer-service nightmare? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Where will the Tier 1 Help Desk be run and operated?”

Ask Us Anything: Who is responsible for closing a ticket?

Question: If an incident is escalated who is responsible for closing it? The tier 1 or the person whom it was escalated to? Who will ensure the customer is satisfied and the issue is resolved?

Answer: The RFP calls for tier 1 support to provide this. Campus stakeholders will need to decide if their want tier 1 to provide this for all tickets or just a subset.

Ask Us Anything: Why is it more efficient to send customers to a central tier 1 Help Desk?

Question: I work for a local IT group. We pass very few tickets to central IT, because most tickets involve unit-specific services and support. We also know the needs and history of the units. Why would it be more efficient/better to send our users to a central tier 1 helpdesk?

Answer: The goal should be to remove the repetitive low value help requests from your support queue. Your top three support requests could very well fit into a tier 1 Help Desk function. This would free up your support resources to engage faculty with additional higher touch support.

Ask Us Anything: Will routing everything to tier 1 slow down support?

Question: If we make people go through a central tier 1 to get to local support won’t that just slow down getting the answer to the customer?

Answer: People are not forced to go to tier 1 in order to get support. In addition, the Help Desk will have service levels on time to answer questions that should eliminate bottlenecks that slow response time.