Ask Us Anything: Status?

Question: It seems, at least to those of us out here, that the Power Plants have all stalled and/or stopped. Is this the case?

Answer: The IT Power Plants have not stalled. Work continues every day to deliver fundamental IT services at scale that can be leveraged by anyone on campus. Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Status?”

Ask Us Anything: Implementation Staff Process

Question: What is the process and decision points/makers for who is involved in Power Plant Implementation process? If there are multiple who “apply” is it an interview process? Who will manage? How much does it take the impact on home departments into account? Who has final decision at which points, and who can veto what at which points? Basically, what’s the process of deciding whose time is committed where, and whose isn’t? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Implementation Staff Process”

Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications

Question: One of my users asked me what Tech Services’ plans are for a campus/faculty staff education campaign to manage expectations of the new help desk structure? Will Tech Services be providing information about who should be helping solve problems if not the friendly local IT person who’s typically provided the service? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications”

Ask Us Anything: Balancing Goals

Question: I’ve heard two high-level goals. One is to free up IT Pro time to be able to be proactive, build intentional relationships, to be these facilitators and technologists at the edge. The other is to cut costs (which means personnel for any significant impact). These aren’t really compatible–if you become efficient and cut positions, then you have no free time left to reach out to faculty. If you use freed up time to offer better/more service, then you don’t save money. Which of these is the higher priority/goal and how (and by whom) will they be balanced? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Balancing Goals”

Ask Us Anything: Building and Retaining Expert IT Staff

Question: One of the most important needs we have is for specialized experience and support that relies on having an experienced IT staff and continuity of that service. The current model is that IT staff learn about our systems but inevitably leave and we start over. How do we regain this ability to rely on local expertise which has largely been erased by the centralization and commoditization of IT? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Building and Retaining Expert IT Staff”

Ask Us Anything: Integration of local IT?

Question: While distributed IT (local IT) is not officially listed as a power plant item, local IT will undoubtedly be affected by power plant solutions.

  1. As assimilation progresses, what forums will be provided to foster an interactive process to move away from assimilation and toward integration?
  2. What steps will be taken to integrate these distributed groups into Power Plant solutions, keeping attrition in mind, and how it will those remaining in local IT be affected?

Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Integration of local IT?”