Web Hosting Solutions Guide

As part of the IT Power Plant Web Hosting effort, the Web Hosting Implementation Team has created a guide to help customers understand the differences between the various Web Hosting solutions on campus. This is a great resource to compare solutions ranging from the Illinois Wiki to Amazon Web Services. As more web hosting solutions are made available to campus, the guide will be updated to help customers make the right choice for their web hosting needs.

Visit the Technology Services KnowledgeBase to view the “Comparing current web hosting solutions available on campus” article.

Ask Us Anything: Status?

Question: It seems, at least to those of us out here, that the Power Plants have all stalled and/or stopped. Is this the case?

Answer: The IT Power Plants have not stalled. Work continues every day to deliver fundamental IT services at scale that can be leveraged by anyone on campus. Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Status?”

Ask Us Anything: Implementation Staff Process

Question: What is the process and decision points/makers for who is involved in Power Plant Implementation process? If there are multiple who “apply” is it an interview process? Who will manage? How much does it take the impact on home departments into account? Who has final decision at which points, and who can veto what at which points? Basically, what’s the process of deciding whose time is committed where, and whose isn’t? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Implementation Staff Process”

Solution Documents Available

Solution Development Teams for all of the IT Power Plant initiatives have created Solution Documents and Executive Summaries to help explain what the IT Power Plant solutions may look like.

These potential solutions are being reviewed by IT leaders from across campus. You can view them as well by visiting each initiative’s page (found under the Initiatives menu above).


New Team Members

The IT Power Plant Steering Team has chosen Michael Chan and Jason Strutz to fill the two campus level seats on the Coordination Team. Michael brings a great strategic view as well as representation of a large college. Jason brings a new perspective and has considerable experience with creating shared services. In addition, we realized that there was a need to have a seat on the team for AITS as it’s possible that they could end up being the service provider for some Power Plant services in the future. This seat will be occupied by Chris Barton.

Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications

Question: One of my users asked me what Tech Services’ plans are for a campus/faculty staff education campaign to manage expectations of the new help desk structure? Will Tech Services be providing information about who should be helping solve problems if not the friendly local IT person who’s typically provided the service? Continue reading “Ask Us Anything: Help Desk Information and Communications”