Ask Us Anything: Status?

Question: It seems, at least to those of us out here, that the Power Plants have all stalled and/or stopped. Is this the case?

Answer: The IT Power Plants have not stalled. Work continues every day to deliver fundamental IT services at scale that can be leveraged by anyone on campus.

While the planning phase of the Power Plant identified a broad set of initiatives, the work involved with the implementation phase requires us to focus on a targeted set of specific initiatives instead of trying to do everything at once. As work continues, and over time, the next Power Plant initiatives will begin implementation.

To that end, we have focused our initial efforts on the following Power Plants: Endpoint Services, Virtualization, Web Hosting, and the Help Desk.

Endpoint Services

Technology Services is hiring a project manager who will be tasked with the Endpoint Services project. Tech Services is also in the process of opening a position for the Endpoint Services Manager. As Technology Services is committed to the Endpoint Services initiative, some budget funds have been committed to advance the initiative. The initial goals of the Endpoint Services initiatives are to build out the SCCM environment on the 2016 platform, as well as stand up an enterprise level Munki service.


As called for by the Virtualization Power Plant initiative, more servers across campus are being moved into the Technology Services virtual hosting environment. To date, 175 servers have migrated to the Technology Services environment. 

Web Hosting

Preliminary work is beginning on the several RFPs that need to be written in furtherance of the Web Hosting initiative.

Help Desk

The Help Desk RFP has been posted and will close October 4. We are anticipating a large number of submissions and will review them over the following month.

Advisory Group

Finally, a new advisory group has been created to help guide the implementation of Power Plant services. This group will function in a way similar to how AMAG has guided the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project over the last two years. This new group is scheduled to have its first meeting later this month.