Ask Us Anything: Implementation Staff Process

Question: What is the process and decision points/makers for who is involved in Power Plant Implementation process? If there are multiple who “apply” is it an interview process? Who will manage? How much does it take the impact on home departments into account? Who has final decision at which points, and who can veto what at which points? Basically, what’s the process of deciding whose time is committed where, and whose isn’t?

Answer: We have been working with IT leadership across the entire campus to figure out a way to staff the power plant services. There are a wide range of possible options from volunteer time to formal appointments made pursuant to searches. All of these options have trade-offs – for the units running the services, for the units currently employing the staff members, and for the staff members themselves. Given that the goal of the power plant activities is to stand-up services for the benefit of the entire campus, we are mindful of the impact that the allocation of staff to work in the power plant services will have and want to make sure that unforeseen disruptions in service do not occur. As such this initial inquiry is just an attempt to identify resources that might be interested in contributing to the power plant services. The next steps will be to see how these expressions of interest map to the resource needs of the various services and to discuss with IT leadership across the campus what the impact would be if these staff resources are directed towards power plant activities. For services for which sufficient resources have not been identified to stand-up the power plant service we will also be working to identify resources that might be used. As we make progress with these assessments we will communicate more information.