Ask Us Anything: Identifying New IT Power Plants

Question: ​Is there a plan to create a roadmap/process to identify future power plants (ones that do not exist now) and pulling them from the innovative edges that developed them and into a power plant? I’m not asking about “what did we miss this round?” I’m asking “How do you plan to identify the thing that is currently, appropriately, out on the edge, but is just about to go mainstream, and uplift it into a Power Plant before it effectively goes mainstream by means of a dozen different implementations around campus that now have to be integrated together.”

Answer: We are currently working on a process that will allow these types of initiatives to be brought to the table from any direction.  These could come from the edge, faculty requests, and any other group that has a great idea. In this process we envision that a person or group will submit an idea or initiative to the coordination team who will work with them to create a proposal for the service. If deemed a power plant it will be prioritized with the other initiatives and acted on in the agreed timeframe.  This is still in the planning stages so once this structure is designed and final we will share it out with everyone.